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Mixed Cases

We've picked and mixed our favourites into half sized mixed cases so you can find yours.

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Best of CAPI Mixed Case

Cases from $25.00

Fruits Mixed Case

Cases from $25.00

Tonics Mixed Case

Cases from $25.00

How To Make A Highball

Our mixers have been designed to take all the hard work out of mixing – just choose your spirit, fill the glass with ice, top off with your mixer and finish with a garnish.

Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked

How many bottles are in a mixed case?

A mixed case contains 12 x 250ml bottles, whereas a full size case contains 24.

How many flavours are in a mixed case?

The amount of flavours in each mixed case varies, but you'll enjoy at least 3 different flavours of CAPI in any mixed case you choose.

Can I choose the flavours in my mixed case?

Unfortunately at this stage our warehouse is not setup to facilitate customised mixed cases, as these have to be pre-packed in advance.

Pairing Guides

Pairing Guides

Complex cocktails are great, but sometimes you just want a good quality drink without spending an arm and a leg or an hour making them. Easily elevate your at-home drinking experience with our How-To Guides. Simple drinks, done well – we’ll drink to that.