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Easily elevate your at-home drinking experience with our How-To Guides. Simple drinks, done well – we’ll drink to that.


Simple Drinks, Done Well

Highballs are our speciality and they’re one of the simplest drinks you can make. Follow our 3 G’s rule to craft easy, impressive highballs every time.

Good Ice

Good Ice

Generally, the bigger the better when it comes to ice cubes – make sure you fill your glass to the top to slow down dilution.

Good Glassware

Good Glassware

In our opinion, the experience is half the fun of a cocktail. We recommend choosing a glass that feels elegant and compliments your drink.

Good Garnish

Good Garnish

Your garnish impacts smell, taste and visual enjoyment. Choose one which has a taste profile aligned to your drink and pay attention to your presentation.

How To Make A Highball

Our mixers have been designed to take all the hard work out of mixing – just choose your spirit, fill the glass with ice, top off with your mixer and finish with a garnish.

How To Make A Gin & Tonic

There are endless possibilities when it comes to gin & tonic. Let us walk you through which styles of gin pair best with each of our tonics and our formula for the perfect gin & tonic.

How To Make A Jug

We always think CAPI tastes better with friends. Level up your get togethers with cocktail jugs that taste as good as they look.

Pro-tip: Turn any highball or spritz recipe into a jug by multiplying the ingredients by 4.

How To Make An In-Bottle Cocktail

Simplify your entertaining game with in-bottle cocktails. You can adapt any highball or gin & tonic recipe to be in-bottle. And the best part? No glassware means no washing up.